Merchandise Distribution

Distribution for all brands with different type of products including food and beverages, technology hardware and software, healthy products and so on are handled through CCH BRILLIANT’s distribution centre in Ipoh, Malaysia by going through online and offline channels. New merchandise is generally received from global and local vendors. CCH BRILLIANT has targeted Malaysia as an opportunity to become a global hub in South East Asia to shift more merchandise from the global market to the nation as reducing in cost. After arrival at the distribution centre, merchandise is sorted and packaged for shipment to individual stores or direct to customers or the end users. The prices of CCH BRILLIANT distributed products are generally lower compared others along with our outstanding supply chain management. CCH BRILLIANT plays variety roles in merchandise distribution to ensure the price is comparatively low. Our roles include:-

Retail seasonal purchaser

Retail non-seasonal purchaser


Retail Perishables Buyer

Retail Warehouse Manager